Welcome to the Sladek Lab

Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Frances M. Sladek.

Dr. Sladek is a Professor of Cell Biology and Toxicologist at the University of California Riverside. She and the members of her lab have been exploring the regulation of tissue-specific gene expression using the mammalian liver as a model.

Much of their work focuses on the transcription factor HNF4, a highly conserved member of the nuclear receptor superfamily that is linked to diabetes and other diseases.

This site provides information about the on going work in the Sladek Lab as well as background information on HNF4 and an on-line tool to predict HNF4 binding sites in any DNA sequence (see HNF4 Motif Finder under Links).



Computer graphic model of the ligand binding domain of HNF4alpha from Bogan et al., 2000.

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