People In Lab

Postdoctoral fellows

Karthikeyani Chellapa, Ph.D Cell biologist
Daniel Mane-Padros, Ph.D Cell biologist 
Bin Fang, Ph.D Bioinformatician 
Nina Titova, Ph.D Biochemist 
Poonam Jot Deol, Ph.D Cell biologist 
Eugene Bolotin, Ph.D Bioinformatician

If you would like to pursue postdoctoral studies in our laboratory, please send a CV, statement of research interests and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Sladek by e-mail. Experience in molecular biology, biochemistry and/or transcription regulation is helpful but not essential.

Graduate Students

Sumana Pasala, GGB
Linh Vuong, CMDB

If you would like to obtain a Ph.D. in Dr. Sladek's lab, please first see the various graduate programs and then contact Dr. Sladek by e-mail. We are always interested in highly motivated graduate students.

International Fellows

Maira Elena Torres Padilla-- Fall 2001, Pasteur Institute
Marina Kacevska-- Fall 2006, University of Sidney
Goran Malojcic-- Summer 2003, University of Zagreb,Croatia
Vedran Radojcic-- Summer 2002, University of Zagreb,Croatia

Other Students

Jake Schnabl-- Undergraduate
Ashley Williams-- Undergraduate
Peter Nguyen-- Undergraduate
John Tran-- Undergraduate
Bowen Wang-- Undergraduate

If you would like to do a research project in Dr. Sladek's lab and can preferably work for more than a year, please stop by Dr. Sladek's office to set up an appointment. Summer fellowships are available for the most ambitious students.


Jane R. Evans - Staff Research Associate. Jane is our lab manager and general keeper of all things important in the lab. In addition to working on characterization of antisera and sending out of HNF4 reagents, she performs Westerns and immunoprecipitations to characterize HNF4 in a variety of sources including cell lines and tissues. She won a Spot Award in Spring 2003 for performance above and beyond the call of duty while Dr. Sladek was on sabbatical in Paris, France.

Lab Helpers

Periodically we are in need of a responsible, conscientious lab helper to help with making solutions, preparation of plasmid DNA, etc. Previous lab experience or a lab class is preferred. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Sladek by e-mail to set up an appointment.




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