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Cancer Biology (CBNS 150) - The origin, development and treatment of cancer are explored with emphasis on molecular mechanisms. Topics such as oncogenes, tumor suppressors, cell cycle, apoptosis and hereditary and environmental factors are discussed. Three one-hour lectures plus one discussion. Offered in Spring quarter.

Prerequisite: Molecular Biology or Cell Biology

Methods in Gene Regulation/Chromatin Research/Cell Signalling (BCH 180A/B/C) - Journal club-style course covering the latest articles in the field as well as original research from the contributing labs (Sladek lab, Liu lab, Martinez lab, Sauer lab). There is limited room for both undergraduate and graduate students. Students become familiar with the principles behind the latest techniques in these fields and how they are applied to real research problems. Offered in Fall (180A), Winter (180B) and Spring (180C).


Molecular Biology (CMDB 201) - Dr. Sladek teaches one half of this graduate level course in Molecular Biology. The emphasis is on the regulation of gene expression and the experimental tools used to decipher molecular mechanisms involved. Topics covered include the genome/proteome, transcription initiation, RNA processing (including alternative splicing) and RNA interference. Other instructors give lectures in their areas of expertise including DNA microarrays, new sequencing technologies and transposons. The students give a critique of an important research paper using Powerpoint and complete web-based assignments on database searching. There are two exams.

Stem Cell Biology (CMDB 207) - Dr. Sladek gives two 1.5-lectures on Diabetes and Stem Cells. The course, open to both undergraduates and graduate students, covers the basic principles of Stem Cell Biology and their future therapeutic value, including potential applications to cardiovascular disease, arthritis and bone diseases, brain injury and neurological diseases, as well as diabetes. Offered in Spring quarter.

UCR/UCLA Thomas Haider Program in Biomedical Sciences

Block 1 (BMSC 211) - Dr. Sladek gives a one-hour lecture to the UCR/UCLA medical students on mechanisms of regulating gene expression and their implications for understanding physiology and disease. Block 1 curriculum starts in August.


Dr. Sladek frequently gives lectures at elementary schools and local organizations (e.g., American Cancer Society, American Heart Association) on a variety of topics from "DNA & Protein" to the "Role of Research in Cancer Treatment" to "Stem Cells."